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Referral Marketing

Want to implement a viral referral campaign like how dropbox did for their business? Send unique referral links to your customers with SoVou for them to share. When their friends redeem from their referral link, they get a reward automatically without any hassle for your staff.

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Digital Coupons

Want to run limited promotions or track your marketing conversions? Distribute Coupon Links for people to redeem at your stores with SoVou. Use it along with your Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bloggers and even Flyers & Posters to bring people down to redeem your offer.

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Direct Marketing

Want to send out exclusive promotions just for members or a select group? Send unique promo links to your target audiences with SoVou and gather insights on how they respond to your promotions. Use the insights to plan better promotions in future!

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Gift Vouchers

Want to sell Gift Vouchers and receive prepaid cash? Sell Digital Gift Vouchers online or over the counter with SoVou and securely redeem the vouchers at your stores. Never run out of vouchers to sell again and save the hassle of accounting for them by going digital!

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