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This section we will explain the difference between Vouchers & Campaigns.

What are Vouchers?

Vouchers are redeemable promotions or value (cash voucher) that you issue to customers. The whole idea about vouchers is to track and limit the redemption per voucher.

You set the voucher description, terms & conditions, value, expiry and many more voucher specific information here so it’s consistent throughout all your campaigns.

There are 3 types of vouchers you can create at the moment.


Promotion voucherPromotion vouchers can only be redeemed 1 at a time and cannot be used with other vouchers.
It's mainly used for promotions like 10% off, $5 off, 1 for 1, etc.
Gift VoucherGift Vouchers are vouchers that holds real cash value and can be used together with other gift vouchers without limit.
Customers buy them as gifts or you can issue them as rewards.
Referral VoucherReferral Vouchers are used only for referral campaigns. They are similar to Promotion vouchers in nature, just that they will trigger a reward upon successful redemption.

What are Campaigns?

Campaigns determine the promotion mechanics, SMS message and the number of vouchers to send in a link. It can be used to target specific groups of customers, test your campaign messaging, or run on certain mechanics catered to your campaign.

So a voucher can be used in many campaigns and you set the quantity to give at the campaign level.

There are 8 types of campaigns you can create at the moment.


Loyalty CampaignCreates a Loyalty Program to issue points for purchases and successful referrals. And set tiered rewards for customers to redeem with their points.
Promotion CampaignCreate a promotion with a fixed start and end date for sending. Ideal for one off ad-hoc promotions.
Referral CampaignCreates a promotion for customers to share with their friends and automatically rewards them for successful referrals.
Gift Voucher CampaignCreates a set of Gift Vouchers for sending. Ideal for packaged sales.
Birthday CampaignAutomatically sends a promotion on the first day of the user's birthday month.
Next Visit CampaignCreates a promotion that expires X months from the date of issue.
Social Media CampaignCreates a Social Media optimized Landing page for consumer to register to get a promotion.
Seasonal CampaignAutomatically sends a promotion on a scheduled date. Ideal for seasonal promotions like Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc.