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10 Anson Road, #27-15
Singapore 079903
+65 6513 8534

Setting up your Brand Information

This section, we will teach you how to change your logo, cover image, website & social media links.

We allow you customize almost everything to suit your own branding so that your customers recognize you instead of us.

How to Access & Edit your Brand Information

You will be able to make changes to all your brand information at this page.

Step 1: Click on the “Brand Settings” button at the top right drop down menu

Step 2: Edit your Brand Information

Step 3: Click on the “Save” button at the bottom right of the page

Editable Fields

FieldsInput typeDescription
CountryDropdown listYour country determines the default country code when sending our SMSes. E.g. +65
Contact EmailText - EmailYour contact email will be the one that receives all system notifications from SoVou. E.g. Low credits, Claims notification, etc.
DescriptionTextYour description will be the "About us" information that users see about your brand.
Upload LogoImage fileLogo of your brand. Ideally 256px by 256px.
Upload Cover ImageImage fileCover image for your brand. Ideally 512px by 256px.
Social Media LinksText - LinksLinks to your social media pages.