Loyalty Marketing

Promotions for LOYAL CUSTOMERS

Promotions for


Exclusive Promotions

Available only for your loyal customers
20-30% Click Throughs

Safe & Secure

A unique voucher link for every customer. Only customers with the link can access their vouchers.

24/7 Sales Channel

Instant Access

Web-based, anyone can access their vouchers instantly without any registration or App installs.

Sg Gift Vouchers

Onsite Claims

A secure OTP is generated for each claim. Once claimed, the vouchers are removed from the link.

Achieve Results

Get quality views for your promotion with SMS
Mobile Penetration

Unlike emails, mailers & Apps, SMS allows you to reach anyone instantly on their mobile without any App installs.

Open Rate

SMS is one of the most reliable & secure communication channel. That's why Governments & Banks uses them.

Click Through Rate

With higher open rates, you'll naturally get more clicks. Get up to 10x more clicks than Email Marketing for your Vouchers.

Branded, Personalised & Exclusive

Designed to get you clicks & claims

Real-Time Tracking

Know what your customers are clicking & claiming

Your Loyal Customers deserve something better


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