1. How do I receive e-vouchers?
  2. You may receive e-vouchers through these methods:

    • Over-the-counter purchase at shops
    • Online purchase through www.sovou.com
    • Gifts from friends
    • Events (lucky draw, surveys, etc...)

  3. What is the difference between Paper & e-vouchers?
  4. Paper Vouchers are physical vouchers, while e-vouchers are digital vouchers stored online.
    With e-vouchers, you’ll always be able to use it whenever you need, receive expiry notifications & most importantly, you’ll never lose it!

  5. When will I receive my vouchers?
  6. e-vouchers are credited into your account immediately after purchase.
    For Basic Delivery, we will consolidate and mail out the gift vouchers every Monday.
    For Express Delivery, we will mail out the gift vouchers the next working day.
    Gift Vouchers will reach you or your recipient with 2 working days there after.
    If the mailing date falls on a Public Holiday, the gift vouchers will be mailed out the next working day.
    Working days: Monday to Friday

  7. What should I do if I sent the e-vouchers to the wrong number?
  8. Please contact us immediately.
    If the other party logins in with the voucher code, it will be irreversible.

  9. Can I change the shipping address after purchasing?
  10. Please send an email to admin@sovou.com within 3 hours of purchase.

  11. Is there any return policy for voucher(s) sold?
  12. Vouchers sold are not refundable or exchangable for cash.

  13. Is there any bulk purchase arrangement?
  14. Please contact admin@sovou.com for more details.

  15. If I dont use the full value of the voucher in one visit, can I use the remainder later?
  16. No. Unless otherwise stated, you do not receive cash back for whatever you do not utilise.

  17. What happens if a Merchant winds up?
  18. Merchants would be held fully accountable for all vouchers issued. Please contact the merchant for more details.
    We will assist consumers in every way possible to liaise with merchant.